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Font on the Waves
Type, Book, Poster Design

Font on the Waves 000—004
2017. Open Type Font.

Hangul is without distinction of upper and lower case letters. However, much research has been done in the Latin culture to discuss readability in the use of uppercase and lowercase letters. lf you cut a word or a line up and down, you can see that the upper part is easy to read, but the bottom part is very difficult to read. When we identify a character, we easily perceive and sense it visually from the top than the bottom of the word.

By changing the shape of the waves according to the degree to which letters are shown, Five font were made; Font on the Waves 000, 001, 002, 003, 004.

Type Specimen Book
2017. 297x210(mm).

Type Specimen Poster
2017. 841x594(mm).