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Anthology of HK Kim's Poems
Book Design

2017. 210x148(mm).

Text: Haekyung Kim
Translation: Yeongmin Kwon, Google Translate
Design: Daebong Jeong

The interpretation of Haekyung Kim’s poems is overly dependent on translation. This is the idea that I thought the most studying his poems. The difference in impression brought by other words, although it has similar meaning, is considerable than expected. So I suggest new translation of his poems using ‘Google Translate’ as a tool. It shows sense of incompatibility and separation from translation exaggeratingly.

The book consists of three sections. The first section contains the original text written in Japanese, and the second and third contains the text translated by Yeongmin Kwon, a literary critic, and ‘Google Translate’ in sequence. Even though poems translated by ‘Google Translate’ are inarticulate, You can find some of the poems that are interpreted more easily because his poems are so convoluted.